Conflict Management

Intervention and Settlement

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Conflict management approach

Muntris understands not only the proper use of the full spectrum of dispute processes, but also possesses the interpersonal conflict management skills to work within collaborative processes effectively.

Good professional judgment requires that a balance be struck between obtaining enough information and strategic advantage to resolve the matter successfully, without dragging the parties down an unnecessarily adversarial path that will further polarize them and thwart an amicable resolution.

Muntris can be the “sword” and the “shield,” as well as the “problem-solver” and “peacemaker.”

Do you want the best solution? A Muntris adviser maps the risks of your horse and business and gives personal advice to secure it. Request a free consultation, you can call our advisers on +31 (0)13 211 42 50 or leave a callback request at the secretariat.

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