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Collectively offering years of diverse industry experience and proprietary knowledge, Muntris expertise in the hospitality and leisure sector is best measured by the numerous long-term, successful partnerships the firm has forged around Europe.

As entrepreneurs backing entrepreneurs, we bring out the best in brands by offering best-in-class support in key strategic areas of property, strategic marketing and operational-level finance.

It is our deep sector knowledge and expertise that has enabled us to deliver consistently high returns, partnering with the most exciting leisure and hospitality businesses.

Muntris is uniquely placed to offer value-add commercial support and infrastructure to leisure entrepreneurs.

With a complete partnership approach, Muntris operate as engaged investors, helping to develop management teams, providing access to sought-after property, best-in-class financial control and supply chain management, with leading tech and marketing support. Management teams are able to de-risk ventures by drawing on Muntris experience of launching different businesses, across different brands. It is this niche focus, which has enabled Muntris to deliver consistently high investment returns.

What happens when you...
invest in a dream
instead of a blueprint.


A successful equine business requires not just a passion for the sport, but a keen eye on the commercial and financial aspects. Muntris provides expert advice on all financial aspects of ownership, breeding, training and competition and how they impact on your personal and business affairs.

Currency, stock market and commodity crises and declining prices are unsettling investors around the world. In times like these, an investment in a young horse with great potential is lucrative, comparatively safe and provides excellent profit opportunities. The stock market rule of ‘never lose money’ may be somewhat Utopian, but it should be high on your list of priorities when you’re considering an investment in a young horse.

Many investors have chosen this option in the past and sold their horses at a guaranteed profit between 5 and 30%. They purchased the horses via Muntris, left the horses in training and sold them when they had reached a more advanced level. These horses are now very successful competition horses with their new owners. Another important consideration is that this investment strategy offers the investor tax benefits.

Muntris has a strong track record of delivering outstanding value to shareholders, partners, customers and employees and is passionate about driving profitable growth, while focusing on agile and cost-efficient operations.

Preserving the integrity of an idea does not take money.
it takes courage.

About Muntris Capital

What happens when your building materials are
vision, courage,
and imagination.


You can benefit from experience of acting for clients in all sectors of the equestrian industries. This ranges from distinguished breeders and overseas owners, to individual trainers and competitors.


You’ll get advice that’s tailored to the ups and downs of the equestrian sectors. We won’t impose an approach or products on you. Instead, we build long-term relationships based on a real understanding of your needs.


We’ve worked with owners and breeders throughout the world, the US, Asia and other major equestrian countries. If your investment interests stretch across international borders, you can tap into our established team of experienced advisers across the world.

Contact Muntris for support and service

If you are interested in this kind of investment, please contact us to discuss it in more detail. Our team can advise you on a suitable horse and a suitable price. The Muntris team will continue the horse’s training and market it for you at a later date.

Horse transactions you can trust

Muntris securely guides and manages your horse purchases. We’re confident you’ll love Muntris Equine Exchange. Try it risk free and experience the better way to buy or sell a horse. We highly recommend you read the Risks in Horse Buying.


We’ll facilitate the due diligence and transaction process, coordinating with your seller and vet to ensure you and your horse are fully protected.


Connect with our network of serious buyers while showing them you do business above board.


Muntris provides guidance from expert equestrians, veterinarians and equine lawyers during the whole process of equine business:

Step Action Full disclosure and transparency
1 GET STARTED You provide Muntris with basic information about the horse and the parties involved – your Agent (if any), the Seller, and the Seller’s Agent (if any). We will invite the parties to participate.
2 AGENT PROFILE (for buyer’s and seller’s agents) If you or the Seller will be represented by an Agent, that Agent will be asked to complete and sign an Agency Agreement that explains and acknowledges the Agent’s duty of loyalty (including the duty to fully disclose all information and conflicts of interest that may impact the client) and the compensation the Agent will receive for his or her services. If the terms of the Agency Agreement are acceptable to you (or the Seller, as applicable), it will be signed by both parties and become a legally binding contract.
3 HORSE PROFILE The Seller completes the Muntris 'Horse Profile' to provide you with full disclosure about the horse. Our extensive profile covers everything you want to know about your new horse – including many questions even seasoned equestrians often forget. Here, the Seller will be able to provide you with all the information you need – photos, pedigree, registration papers, sport record, past vet records, breeding history, etc.
4 HORSE TRIAL If the Horse will be provided to you for a trial period before the purchase decision is made, we will walk you and the Seller through a series of questions to determine the terms of the Horse Trial and allocate risk between the parties during the trial period. The resulting Horse Trial Agreement is a legally binding agreement that sets clear expectations for this “in between” phase, when misunderstandings and disagreements commonly occur.
5 VET EXAM Muntris 'Guide to the Vet Check' simplifies the vet check process by providing a concise guide, including standard pre-purchase exam practices. Your vet or you can easily upload the record of the vet exam here and, if you like, you may share the record with other parties to the transaction.
6 PURCHASE You’ve made your final decision and you are ready to purchase your new horse! We will walk you and the Seller through a series of questions about the terms of the purchase, which will result in 3 documents:

(1) a Settlement Statement, in which all parties confirm exactly where money is going and in what amounts;
(2) a Purchase Agreement, which covers all of the terms of the purchase;
(3) a Bill of Sale, to document the ownership transfer (does not include the sale price of the horse, so that you can keep that information private). Once you and the Seller have confirmed the deal has been fully closed, you will be provided with a file containing all documents and records that were created or collected through Muntris.

Ready to begin Equine Exchange?

Do you want the best solution? A Muntris adviser maps the risks of your horse and business and gives personal advice to secure it. Request a free consultation, you can call our advisers on  +31 30 207 28 50  or leave a callback request at the secretariat.