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Muntris makes horse trading a positive term

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Expert advice on Horse buying

Muntris securely guides and manages your horse purchases. We’re confident you’ll love Muntris Equine Exchange. Try it risk free and experience the better way to buy or sell a horse. We highly recommend you read the Risks in Horse buying.

Buying a horse is a matter of trust

Muntris purchase advisers can either accompany you throughout your tour, or come in just before you are ready to buy the horse of your choice. It’s good to have an independent adviser at your side who can assess.

Our breeding program

Our program is centered around our mares which come from the best of the classic proven Dutch and German bloodlines. They are carefully matched with the most exciting stallions from the finest proven bloodlines in Europe. These lines have consistently produced winners at the highest levels in every discipline.


We’ll facilitate the due diligence and transaction process, coordinating with your seller and vet to ensure you and your horse are fully protected.


Connect with our network of serious buyers while showing them you do business above board.

Do you want the best solution? A Muntris adviser maps the risks of your horse and business and gives personal advice to secure it. Request a free consultation, you can call our advisers on +31 30 207 28 50 or leave a callback request at the secretariat.