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Practicing Law in a Hand-Shake Industry

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Equine Legal

The Law team is headed by lawyers who are experienced horse-owners themselves; breeding, training and competing at high levels.

Their first hand knowledge means that they are able to talk to clients about horse-related legal issues with understanding, and can deal with any dispute within the horse industry, on a global basis.

Muntris understanding of the industry is bolstered by involvement in the practice area within the horseracing, dressage, breeding of horses and showjumping industries for owners, investors, exhibitors and competitors.

Our equine services

  • Contracts
  • Pre-purchase assistance
  • Legal documentation
  • Purchase assistance
  • Legal analysis of vet reports
  • Pre-trial investigation
  • Litigation

European equine law practice

  • Liability releases and prevention
  • Ownership syndicates and partnerships
  • Import-export matters
  • Contract disputes
  • Conflict Management
  • Purchases and leases
  • Breading, boarding and training of horses

Solving equine-related problems

By using an experienced equine law lawyer, you can expect high-quality services and a knowledgeable team by your side. When you have been in the equine law industry as long as Muntris, you truly gain a thorough understanding of the horse world and its legal concerns.

Buying & Selling Horses

Buying and selling horses can be fraught with difficulty. An advertisement often describes a horse as having "no vices"; the horse is viewed, ridden and on some occasions vetted and subsequently purchased. Shortly afterwards the horse exhibits a vice that was not apparent on purchase and a dispute between the buyer and seller arises.

It is important to have advice from a lawyer experienced in dealing with horse disputes, who is also able to advise on the instruction of veterinary and equine experts where necessary. Unfortunately some cases involving horses proceed to trial, and in that case our firm stands by you throughout your case.

Muntris lawyers and staff

Muntris lawyers and staff live by The Golden Rule: Treat others with respect and dignity. Our lawyers and staff are committed to living by these strong ethical standards, and our clients appreciate the way they are treated as much as they value our legal skills.

This commitment to top-quality service is the foundation of our mission: To provide comprehensive, result-oriented legal services to each and every client. And supports our firm’s core values:

  • Integrity Upholding the moral and ethical principles of law and society
  • Professionalism Treating people with respect, consideration and providing the highest level of client service
  • Community Taking an active role in advancing the quality of the area in which we work and live
  • Communication Creating mutual understanding

The lawyers and staff at Muntris understand there is more to being a great lawyer than producing great results and benefits for clients. They appreciate that part of keeping clients satisfied is to be open to new ideas. Earning and maintaining the trust of loyal clients requires delivering consistently outstanding client service. This is exactly what we strive to do.

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