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Horse transactions you can trust

Muntris securely guides and manages your horse purchases. We’re confident you’ll love Muntris Equine Exchange. Try it risk free and experience the better way to buy or sell a horse.


We’ll facilitate the due diligence and transaction process, coordinating with your seller and vet to ensure you and your horse are fully protected.


Connect with our network of serious buyers while showing them you do business above board.


Muntris provides guidance from expert equestrians, veterinarians and equine lawyers during the whole process of equine business:

Step Action Full disclosure and transparency
1 GET STARTED You provide Muntris with basic information about the horse and the parties involved – your Agent (if any), the Seller, and the Seller’s Agent (if any). We will invite the parties to participate.
2 AGENT PROFILE (for buyer’s and seller’s agents) If you or the Seller will be represented by an Agent, that Agent will be asked to complete and sign an Agency Agreement that explains and acknowledges the Agent’s duty of loyalty (including the duty to fully disclose all information and conflicts of interest that may impact the client) and the compensation the Agent will receive for his or her services. If the terms of the Agency Agreement are acceptable to you (or the Seller, as applicable), it will be signed by both parties and become a legally binding contract.
3 HORSE PROFILE The Seller completes the Muntris 'Horse Profile' to provide you with full disclosure about the horse. Our extensive profile covers everything you want to know about your new horse – including many questions even seasoned equestrians often forget. Here, the Seller will be able to provide you with all the information you need – photos, pedigree, registration papers, sport record, past vet records, breeding history, etc.
4 HORSE TRIAL If the Horse will be provided to you for a trial period before the purchase decision is made, we will walk you and the Seller through a series of questions to determine the terms of the Horse Trial and allocate risk between the parties during the trial period. The resulting Horse Trial Agreement is a legally binding agreement that sets clear expectations for this “in between” phase, when misunderstandings and disagreements commonly occur.
5 VET EXAM Muntris 'Guide to the Vet Check' simplifies the vet check process by providing a concise guide, including standard pre-purchase exam practices. Your vet or you can easily upload the record of the vet exam here and, if you like, you may share the record with other parties to the transaction.
6 PURCHASE You’ve made your final decision and you are ready to purchase your new horse! We will walk you and the Seller through a series of questions about the terms of the purchase, which will result in 3 documents:

(1) a Settlement Statement, in which all parties confirm exactly where money is going and in what amounts;
(2) a Purchase Agreement, which covers all of the terms of the purchase;
(3) a Bill of Sale, to document the ownership transfer (does not include the sale price of the horse, so that you can keep that information private). Once you and the Seller have confirmed the deal has been fully closed, you will be provided with a file containing all documents and records that were created or collected through Muntris.

Ready to begin Equine Exchange?

Do you want the best solution? A Muntris adviser maps the risks of your horse and business and gives personal advice to secure it. Request a free consultation, you can call our advisers on +31 (0)13 211 42 50 or leave a callback request at the secretariat.