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Intervention and Settlement

Muntris Capital works in close cooperation with Arrestadia Conflict Management. Arrestadia senior-level counselors have extensive experience anticipating and managing communications around a wide range of issues that can impact the reputation and brand of individuals, organizations and corporations.

Muntris understands not only the proper use of the full spectrum of dispute processes, but also masters the interpersonal conflict management skills to work within collaborative processes effectively. As experienced mediators and 'fixers' we bring parties with a conflict, back on speaking terms with a customized approach and on short notice.

Don't waste a good crisis

Crises often have unforeseen impacts that can jeopardize the critical assets, reputation, and financial standing of an organization or community. Arrestadia’s insights and specialized offerings provide extraordinary support to leadership, helping to both prepare for and act when a crisis occurs.

We’ve all heard the admonishment not to let a good crisis go to waste. But do you know where that saying comes from? Its roots are actually found in the medical profession.

Medical crises can be used as a call to action. Take someone who’s just had a heart attack. His initial response is survival, but after he recovers, there is an opportunity to use the health scare as the impetus for making real lifestyle changes. These changes can make him more resilient in the long run.

Most organizations miss the chance to use crises as transformative events. Like foolish humans, they put in a stent and keep on eating and drinking the same way. When the next crisis appears, they just go and get a second stent.

But because a crisis exposes all the rot, it’s a cathartic event and an opportunity for change. You finally got scared, could see clearly, and perhaps realized you need to do a 180 in your organizational beliefs, culture, mindset, values, and processes–all things you could not do before.

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