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We focus on brokerage and investment management in the sectors Equine, Hospitality, Leisure and Real estate. Leading on the basic principles of integrity, professionalism, honesty and diligence, Muntris underscores its authority in Europe as the leading brokerage of the Netherlands.



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We have built long-term and trusted relationships with our clients — wherever they are and wherever they invest.

At Muntris, clients always come first. We understand our clients' requirements, and design investment strategies to meet their objectives. We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously and are driven to deliver competitive performance while building long-term relationships.

We operate a dedicated team model. Each investment team functions as an entrepreneurial group, managing a bespoke investment strategy for each client and fund. Teams are responsible for an investment’s entire life cycle and are directly accountable for performance. Regional Investment Committees comprised of Muntris most senior talent oversee all accounts and funds. This proven approach builds trust and alignment with clients' investment objectives.

We are available 7 days a week and guarantee a 24-hour response time.

All communication is secured and confidential.


Equine, Hospitality and Leisure sector

Currency, stock market and commodity crises and declining prices are unsettling investors around the world. In times like these, an investment in a young horse with great potential is lucrative, comparatively safe and provides excellent profit opportunities. The stock market rule of ‘never lose money’ may be somewhat Utopian, but it should be high on your list of priorities when you’re considering an investment in a young horse or in the.

Many investors have chosen this option in the past and sold their horses at a guaranteed profit between 5 and 30%. They purchased the horses via Muntris, left the horses in training and sold them when they had reached a more advanced level. These horses are now very successful competition horses with their new owners. Another important consideration is that this investment strategy offers the investor tax benefits.

Muntris has a strong track record of delivering outstanding value to shareholders, partners, customers and employees and is passionate about driving profitable growth, while focusing on agile and cost-efficient operations.

Cooperating with Muntris provides support from experts, accountants and lawyers during the whole process of business. Tap into Muntris wealth of experience and expertise. The conversation starts with you.

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